Truly Unique Personalized Gift Ideas - Wooden Watches

It's true -- personalized gifts make the best gifts. Who wouldn't love something that was personalized just for them? Seeing your monogram, name, or inscription that has a very special meaning can make the difference between just another item and something that is instantly loved and cherished for years to come.

Trying to find a truly unique personalized gift can be a difficult, especially if the person on the receiving end of the gift is hard to shop for.

Everyone has special sayings, quotes, or song lyrics that have a very special meaning between themselves and someone they love. Now our custom wooden watches can be engraved with your very own special inscription -- wait for it -- in your very own handwriting or drawing! That's right. You can write or draw something special on a piece of paper and we can engrave it on any of our gift items. Our wood watches for men are a perfect gift that are as unique as they are useful, and they really are the perfect gift for any occasion!

The process is simple:

1.) Using a plain white sheet of paper and black ink , draw or write what you would like engraved (use as smooth of a surface as possible when writing/drawing. We recommend writing or drawing inside of a circle to keep it proportional.

2.) Select the perfect gift.

3.) Select custom handwriting/drawing from the dropdown menu.

4.) Upload a photo of the writing/drawing.

5.) Add to cart and complete checkout.

Your engraved gift will arrive a few short days later!

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are more than happy to help you create the perfect, personalized gift this Christmas season!


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