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Ox & Birch Help Center

Wooden watch re-sizing information:

We are working on a tutorial with photos and video on how to resize our wooden watches and hope to add it to our website in the very near future.

In the meantime, we recommend taking your watch to a local jeweler since they have the proper link removal tool, and most of them offer this service for free!

Alternatively, you may ship the watch to us and we'll be happy to re-size the watch for you.

To send it in for re-sizing, please mail the watch in to us (without gift box), along with a note with how many links you wan to remove in a bubble mailer to:

Ox & Birch
PO Box 474
Campbellsville, KY 42719

Once we receive it we will re-size and mail the watch back to you along with the removed links.

If you take it to a jeweler, they will need to know which direction to remove the pins. Please give them the following info:


If you are holding the watch as its worn on your left arm with the stem/crown on the right, all pins on the bottom half of the band under the watch face need to be pushed out toward the right in the direction of the stem/crown.

All pins on the top half of the band above the watch face need to be pushed out toward the left, away from the stem/crown).


Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns.